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Welcome to Rustic Meadows Images, where moments become masterpieces and stories are etched in the frame of time. With a passion for capturing the genuine and the extraordinary, I invite you to explore the diverse aspects of my photography. From the tensor embrace of family portraits to the electric excitement of engagement sessions and the timeless elegance of weddings, my lens is a conduit for the emotions that make each moment special. 

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Hello, I'm Alicia.





How did a Southern California native, fueled by a passion for capturing life's authentic moments, find herself rooted in East Texas, weaving love, family, and creativity into every photograph? Explore my journey on the About Me page and discover the story behind the lens.

My Approach

My approach is more than just capturing images; it's about crafting visual narrative that echo the unique tales of individuals and relationships. Whether you're stepping into the enchanting world of weddings, to seeking intimate portraits, or capturing the vibrancy of events. I am dedicated to creating an immersive and personalized experience.  

My Style

My photography is a fusion of storytelling, lifestyle, and capturing candid moments that unfold naturally. I find inspiration in the vibrant spectrum of greens, the warmth of burnt orange hues, and the richness of browns & creams. These colors not only paint my frames but also evoke emotions, adding a unique depth to the visual narrative I create.

What I Have to Offer

In my photography, I want more than a transaction with clients. While our interaction begins with capturing images, my aim is to cultivate an atmosphere that feels like genuine friendship. Thoughtfully chosen props, open communication, and patient sessions contribute to a comfortable and friendly environment. Beyond being a photographer, I aspire for clients to leave the session feeling like they've spent time with a friend.

Kind Words

Kind Words

“Alicia was super sweet and accommodating for someone who has not had much experience. She made me feel at ease, and lead the way to get some amazing photos of me. She clearly knew where and how to get the best shots and I am very grateful to have worked with her. Thank you Alicia!”

“Alicia was FANTASTIC, she helped me every step of the way, scheduling the right time of the day, coordinating outfit selection, posing us & capturing the little moments in-between shoots! She is amazing at what she does & I highly recommend using her if you're looking for someone to take photos for any occasion!”

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